The FAQs About Marketing First Aid

What is Marketing First Aid?

Marketing First Aid is emergency recovery assistance for smaller businesses suffering from a myriad of marketing traumas that are depleting your business’s sales, growth and profits.

Who needs Marketing First Aid?

Small business owners such as service professionals, freelancers, smaller retailers, online businesses and restaurants can all benefit from the healthy, potent, effective and enlightened marketing remedies provided by Marketing First Aid.We help you work smarter, not harder to maximize your marketing spend.

When should I consider utilizing the services of Marketing First Aid?

When would you like to start seeing better, more effective results from your sales and marketing efforts? If you answered NOW, then you have the absolute best answer to this question of when.

Why does my business need Marketing First Aid?

We help smaller business owners to work smarter, not harder. So, if you’d like your marketing efforts to be more productive by working more efficiently as well as more effectively, then you’ll easily understand why Marketing First Aid is essential to your sustained growth.

How can Marketing First Aid help my smaller business?

Marketing First Aid helps your smaller business by providing emergency relief through seminars and clinic workshops, company-wide training, coaching, consulting, self-care products and publications — all aimed at resuscitating your business’s sickly sales and weak profits to a state of buoyancy and vibrant marketing health.